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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Starts Tomorrow

I know, this isn't the first time this has been done by anyone. I know I'm not overweight, which makes this not nearly as exciting. I know I need specific goals. I know people will expect pictures.

The before pictures have been taken, but I'm not posting them until the end, with the after pictures. I'll feel better about them then. I'm not sure what it is about a mirror, and a camera, but what I see in the mirror is never as bad as what I see in a picture. Scary!

You may be wondering why I'm doing this since I'm not exactly overweight. The reason is simple:

I don't feel well physically or mentally. I've been depressed and bored. I need people to answer to if I don't do what I'm supposed to, and maybe I'll find people to do this with!! Virtual exercise/get healthy buddies!

I eat a lot of junk when I'm depressed and bored, and lose motivation to do anything. I'm in my forties, which means menopause (yes, I've started early... woohoo-not!). Menopause means a very screwed up metabolism, and if I'm not careful, the muffin top. I don't want the muffin top!!

This blog will be a daily account, of exercise, healthy foods, recipes, funny pictures and antidotes, super-foods, suggestions, given advice from you guys, reference materials, whining... just kidding. I'll try not to whine. Tomorrow's post will document my measurements, weight, and my plan for the day.

Hey, this has got to be a day-to-day plan... it's easier to stick to it that way!

My goals:

I want to look tone.
I want to feel energetic.
I want that healthy glow without being pregnant.
I want to wake up and feel only the aches and pains from a good, hard workout!

My goal right now...
Go buy a lighter kettle ball, a knee brace, and a measuring tape.

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